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Release of Liability

Dear Resident,

We have been contracted by your Property Management Company to enter your apartment #______________ on_____________, 2017. In order to make our work as pleasant for you as possible, we want to make you aware of our procedures and let you know how to prepare. Please read the following information & warnings and be sure you understand them.

1) Remove all personal items from room where work will take place. Perfect Surface will not be responsible for the condition of any personal items left in the apartment where resurfacing is being done. For countertops, please remove all appliances, pots, pans, etc. from counter tops. Please do not put items in sinks, stoves, tops of refrigerator, or floors. For bathroom countertop/bathtub resurfacing, please remove all items from the surrounding area. Remove all sensitive electronic equip. from your apartment or place it in a room as far away as possible from the area to be resurfaced. All items (including wall clocks & pictures) must be at least 6 feet from the area being resurfaced. If there are any personal items not moved, the work will not be completed. Our technicians are not allowed to move any of your belongings.

2) If you have pets:

a) Cats or dogs must be confined to another room , preferably where windows can be left open.

b.) Fish and reptile tanks should be covered. Birds should be removed from apartment.

3) Please be certain that access to your apartment is provided to management on the above date.

4) We are not permitted to perform any of our services with anyone in the apartment. Anyone with respiratory or asthmatic problems may wish to remain away from the apartment for 6 to twelve (12) hours after work is completed.

5) For cabinets, PERFECT SURFACE will return the first business day following resurfacing to remove all paper. After this is done, areas will be ready for use.

6) If resident is unprepared on the designated date, a trip charge of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) will be assessed and rescheduling arrangements will be made.

7) The surface is not ready for use until 24 hours has passed. Due to the nature of the work and the products we use, there will be an odor and some dust ranging from moderate to heavy on what we resurface. We recommend that you remove as many personal items as possible from the apartment before resurfacing is completed. We put much effort into minimizing overspray and odor; however, it is impossible to prevent those things entirely. To remove any settled DRY dust, use a soft cloth. Do not use Pledge or any other dusting products.

8) Use only mild cleaners and non-abrasive pads to clean any of the area we have resurfaced. Avoid using products containing bleach, such products could cause yellowing. Do not use non-slip rubber pads in the bottom of resurfaced tubs. Use of these items will damage the tub surface. Do not use “Scrubbing Bubbles” or any other cleaner that specifically says “do not use on painted or refinished surfaces”.

Resident hereby understands and agrees to the above mentioned procedures and/or these procedures have been fully explained to them by management staff as designated by the signature below. In signing this agreement, it is understood that Perfect Surface or it's employees are not responsible for any damages to personal property.

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